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Next Gen Voices basically says it all. This is a page for the next generation to voice their concerns about the state of the planet, global warming and all that that includes.  


The following poem was written by a young man from the Philippines:


Before it’s too late


CJ Calizo (2018)


What a wonderful planet

A phrase that I can defend

Her beauty is full of awesomeness

Her characteristics are so unique

She is our mother, our home,

She is earth.

We lie within her arms

We, us, human beings.

Humans that have a mind and a heart

Humans that can think

Humans that know what’s the best for her

We are supposedly the protectors of nature

Yet we are the ones destroying her

Global warming and pollution

Landslides caused by deforestation

Who are the ones to be blamed?

It’s us.

So sad to see our home destroyed

Where her beauty will fade

Let’s act now before it’s too late

She’s crying and struggling

She’s longing for our love and care

We are blind because of modernisation

So deep we cannot hear

What she wants to say

Smoke, chemicals and worldly things

These don’t make her happy

They make her sick.

Protecting and caring

Are what we must not forget

Before it’s too late

Which we will regret

Let’s stop killing her!

Let’s put our hands together to make her happy

Lets work for her and live with her


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